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Dear Friends,

First and foremost, thank you for your partnership and collaboration over the years. With over three decades in Chatham County, Family Violence & Rape Crisis Services (FVRC) has a strong history of standing up against domestic violence and sexual assault. Beginning with our Help Line and our violence prevention program in Chatham County Schools, FVRC has grown to be a dynamic collaborator with our community partners.

We greatly appreciate your generosity and support of Family Violence & Rape Crisis Services. FVRC has experienced some difficult challenges and changes during the last two years. The FVRC Board of Directors has made some difficult decisions that we believe are best for the long term sustainability of the organization.  Our decisions are informed and driven by our commitment to promoting healthy relationships.

Recently, we struggled with unsustainable growth and the loss of long-standing leadership. We have also struggled to clearly communicate these issues with our community, and for that we sincerely apologize. To that end, we pledge complete transparency as we move forward.

The board has engaged in regular consultation with leading experts in nonprofit management, domestic violence, and sexual assault. We have worked to secure effective leadership for FVRC: new board members with expertise ranging from finance and grants management to community relations and development along with an executive director with documented success in nonprofit management.

Shamecca Bryant

Shamecca Bryant Acting Executive Director

We welcome Shamecca Bryant as our executive director for the remainder of the calendar year. As the former executive director of the Orange County Rape Crisis Center in Chapel Hill, Shamecca brings vast experience in nonprofit management; grants, finance, and budgeting; strategic planning; and fundraising.

The FVRC Board has worked with Shamecca to welcome her to the agency and develop a strategic plan.  Armed with a clear understanding of our main assets and challenges, FVRC has entered an austerity phase by scaling back and partnering with our major funders on streamlined services. We are focusing on our core services: providing 24-hour crisis intervention and advocacy services, offering temporary safe housing through our shelter, and presenting safety education programs in Chatham County Schools. This allows us to continue our stability while remaining true to our mission of promoting peaceful homes, building safe communities, and empowering individuals and families to heal from domestic and sexual violence.

The board and the staff envision a vibrant future which includes you, your partnership, and your support. We are committed to serving Chatham County with excellence and care. We want you to know that FVRC is getting stronger every day, and we sincerely welcome your questions, input, and support as we move forward. I invite you to contact me or Shamecca at 919-542-5445, lynnweller@gmail.com or shamecca@fvrc.org.

In peace and solidarity,

Lynn Weller
Board Chair